No future for the free market.
For a public energy sector!

The burning of fossil resources, such as coal, petroleum and natural gas is causing CO2 emissions worldwide that are largely responsible for the warming of the atmosphere in the past decades. This results in air pollution, species extinction, and extreme weather conditions such as storms, droughts and a substantially higher frequency of floods.

The Paris Climate Agreement (2015) determines that the rise of the global average temperature should be kept at under 2 degrees Celsius (compared to pre-industrial levels) until 2100, and „to pursue efforts“ to keep it under 1.5 degrees Celsius. Those 0.5 degrees Celsius are crucial for natural conditions, including the wellbeing of humans, animals and plants. However, with the current measures we are headingtowards a raise of 3 to 4 degrees Celsius.

By 2030, global CO2 emissions must be reduced by 50% and we must pressure politicians to prioritize and meet the climate agreements. We can no longer wait andmust switch to 100% renewable energy as soon as possible.

Laws must facilitate sustainable living for the consumer! All of this can best beachieved by making the energy supply part of the public sector and giving its profits to the people, not to investors!

Our demands regarding energy supply:

  • 100% renewable energy as soon as possible
  • Saving energy and creating a fair standard of living for everyone
  • Creating sustainable rather than climate-damaging employment for the future
  • Strong regulations for the finance market
  • Clear laws for a sustainable and socially equitable future

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